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12 Passengers Vans

Here's the Zeeba 12 passenger van, the so-called "tour manager", perfect for traveling around the country, together with all your luggage, from venue to venue. Book the Zeeba van for the tour here and you'll benefit from our unique offer of unlimited miles on high quality vans at very reasonable prices.

15 Passenger Vans

Whether it's your fan club's annual road trip, a company picnic or just about any other gathering, the Zeeba 15 passenger van is waiting for you with open doors. You can also take advantage of our unique offer of unlimited miles on high quality vans at very reasonable prices. All you have to do is rent a Zeeba 15 Passenger Van here

Cargo Vans

What's the similarity between a drummer in a band and the Zeeba Cargo Van? Both have to carry a lot of baggage around. The difference is with a Cargo Van you get to listen to the music of your choice. Enjoy our unique offer of unlimited miles on high quality vans at very reasonable prices by renting a Zeeba Cargo Van here.

7 Passengers Vans

The Zeeba 7 passenger van, our performance star, will take you through your journey in style, much like the charismatic lead singer of a band. And you'll get our unique offer of unlimited miles on high quality vans at very reasonable prices. Book a front row seat on our Zeeba mini vans.

Fan Mail

“All the convenience and friendly service that'd go beyond your expectations. Reservation took about 2 minutes... I got the 15 passenger van right outside of the baggage claim and was driving off with it 10 minutes after I arrived and claimed my baggage. Nice and clean with gas tank full. Talking about hit the ground running.”
Douglas H. - Yelp San Francisco
"Great service, clean vans and good prices. Chris was very accommodating and had great customer service. The vans seemed in good shape and he added a GPS for the trip. Will go back again!"
Tailor F. -Yelp San Francisco
"My friends and I planned a trip to the roaring springs water park in Utah. We couldn't find 15 seaters anywhere. So we were essentially stuck with the option of renting 2 vans. Luckily one of my friends heard about Zeeba and we were set! A 15 seater that was much cheaper than renting two vans, or even one!"
Amanda C. -Google San Francisco

We're your Van Rental Company

We understand your busy schedule as a traveler, and that is why we have taken the hassle out of the rental process. We have made it our mission to provide you with Great Vans, Great Prices, and Great Service. We only rent vans - that's what we do.

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  • No Lines. No Paperwork.
  • No Deposit. No Credit Check.
  • No Upsell. No Sales. No Hidden Fees.
  • Open Everyday from 8am to 10pm
  • Near Major Airports with Free Shuttle Pick Up
  • Guaranteed Reservation
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Are there any mileage restrictions?

1 day rentals come with 250 miles and $0.25 for each additional mile.

Rentals of 2 days or more come with free unlimited miles.

Our Cargo vans come with 250 miles per day and $0.25 for each additional mile, regardless of number of rental days.

Will you pick me up and/or drop me off at the airport?

Absolutely! We provide free transportation to and from the airport.

Do you have after-hours drop off?

Yes. We offer 24-hour drop off, 7 days a week.

Please refer to our after hours policy for more information.

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